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Why Volunteering is so Important

One of the most rewarding parts of swimming is that it is a family sport! When heading into the season this summer please bear in mind that YOU are what makes it possible for your child to participate in swim meets. Because it takes over 60 people to run a home meet and around 40 to run an away meet, it is essential for your child that you are ready and willing to help. You will be asked to support your child and our parent leaders by volunteering some time for 3 meets but please know that our team's needs go well beyond this. Organizing volunteers for a meet is a huge task so please pitch in when you see a need. There is a wide variety of roles to choose from and try. This is a great opportunity to learn something new and have fun with the incredible kids on our team!

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Point System

** Please read carefully. **

In order to make swim meets a possibility for our swimmers, each family needs to participate through Meet Jobs. Each family is required to contribute 50 points. Meet jobs can be filled by any family member, including but not limited to: Parents, siblings/babysitters over 15, grandparents, friends, etc.

  • Points are assigned to each meet job based on time, training, and effort involved. 
  • Please spread your points over all the meets.
  • For our season to be supported adequately, each family will be asked to contribute an equal number of points by the end of the season.
  • Points are listed within the meet job signup and are automatically calculated.
  • A family can sign up for more than one Meet Job per meet.
  • Keep track of points by checking the "My Account" tab on the homepage.
  • There will be a monetary penalty this year in an attempt to make it fair for the families that are volunteering consistently. At the end of the season, you will be fined $50 for every 10 points unfulfilled. We will make every effort to help each family reach this requirement.

*There are jobs available beyond what is listed on Meet Signups. Please contact team leadership if you need assistance finding a job that suits your availability.

Our volunteers are our most important asset, and the heart of the Blue Herons! We cannot run a swim meet without you. Each family will be required to volunteer at a minimum of 2 meets and accumulate at least 50 points. If you know that you are unable to fulfill this requirement, please reach out via email so that we may try and accommodate you. The volunteering committee will be checking the reports weekly and giving status updates via email. This is also something you can check in your account. 

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Volunteering Jobs Explained

Heat Ribbons

  • Distributes heat ribbons to the 1st place finisher at the end of each heat.
  • Fast-paced but oh so fun to see those smiles when they receive their ribbons

Place Judge

  • Sits at the pool where swimmers finish, and visually places event finishes
  • Front Row seat but requires focus


  • Times events in one lane using the Swimmingly program that runs the meets. You will be paired with a timer from another team.
  • Requires a small number of hands-on training for Swimmingly, You will use your own phone device. Please make sure charged :)
  • Front Row seat in the SPLASH ZONE! Must be great at high-fives.

Snack Shack

  • Overseas and operates the concessions area by preparing, stocking, and selling food and beverages with another volunteer
  • Shady job in the gazebo

Herons Nest

  • Designated parents for the younger age groups (6&unders, 7-8, 9-10, or 11-12)
  • Checks swimmers into their tent and helps get swimmers ready for events.
  • Responsible (as reasonably possible) for knowing the whereabouts of their swimmers

Relay Assistant

  • Help locate swimmers to line them up for their events/ relays
  • Ensures they are ready to start relay at the correct end of the pool and in the correct order.


  • Runs the meet once the warm0up session has started. Gives instructions to other officials working the meet.
  • MUST attend officials' training and have knowledge of swim protocol.


  • Starts the races at home meets and announces events/heats.
  • Must attend officials Training and have knowledge of swim protocol.

Stroke & Turn Official

  • Ensures that strokes, turns, and finishes for strokes are done legally
  • Requires a stroke and turn online course to be taken provided by the WCSL
  • The course can be found Here.


  • Oversees the swim meet, Swimmingly scorekeeping system
  • Need basic knowledge of iPad function, swim meet scoring, and flow of swim meets.
  • Requires watching videos and simple training

Clerk of Course

  • Organizes swimmers for each race and helps ensure they know their lanes are properly lined up at race time
  • Need to know how to read a heat sheet
  • This job is great for getting to know the swimmers
  • Gives good advice and pep talks!
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