Summer Swim Wrap Up

Hi Blue Heron Families!

Thank you to everyone who made it last Monday to help us celebrate another successful season.  We loved working with you and your swimmers this summer to create a wonderful community swim experience.  

If you were unable to make it to the banquet and would like to pick up your swimmers awards, please stop by 1556 Championship Blvd for a porch pick up sometime this week.  I will keep the awards on the porch through next Sunday, August 13.  Every swimmer should receive a medal (found in the tupperware) and there are still several dual meet ribbons and awards sorted alphabetically by last name in the folder.  

In addition, we forgot to mention our new teen Herons at the banquet... Coach Sophia drove around delivering a team hammock to the porch of each new teenager Blue Heron.  We hope they enjoy their own personal Heron's Nest. :)

We hope to see everyone back for another great season next summer.

Be on the look out for an informational email at the beginning of February, 2024 with dates for registration and the season.

Enjoy your school year!

~Erin, Amy, Cat and Rachel

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