Swim Team Announcements

Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe that our official season will start tomorrow.  Here are a few announcements: 

Practice Schedule:  Please use this link to review our practice schedule. 

Flex Practice Sign Ups:  We offer a flex practice from 8:00-8:30am for swimmers who are attending camp or whose parents work during the normal practice time.  Please use this link to sign up for the flex practice. 
*If your swimmer is able to come to their normal practice time, please have them participate with their age group.
** If the flex practice is full for the week that you need, please let us know and we will add coaches to the practice time so we can accommodate you.

Swim Meet Prep:  Here is a list of things you will need to do each week for your swimmer to be entered in the meet.

1.  Declare:  Every Tuesday (Prior to the next meet), use this link to declare for the meet.  Click on the green meet entry button next to the meet.  Edit the page to say attending/ not attending the meet.  Every swimmer needs to accept or decline participation for each meet. 
* If you do not declare by Tuesday, we will assume that your swimmer will NOT participate in the meet.

2.  Request:  Tuesday and Wednesday, an event request form will be out during practice for your swimmer to request what events they would like to swim at meet.
** Each swimmer is allowed to swim in 2 events (Free, Back, Breast, Fly) and the 100 IM.  6-unders only swim back and free.

3.  Relays:  We will do our best to make sure that every swimmer has the opportunity to participate in a relay.  Relays are very difficult to coordinate and create, so if your swimmer is entered in a relay, please make sure they stay for the relay.

4.  Entries:  It takes the coaches several hours behind the scenes to create the line up for each meet.  On Friday of each week, we will send out the entries for a final review.  Please look to make sure your child is entered correctly and respond by Saturday at noon each week.  Once we share our entries with the other team, it is difficult to make changes.

We know this is a lot of information, especially for our new families.  Please let us know if you have ANY questions.  We are here to help make sure it's an enjoyable experience for everyone.

~Go Blue Herons

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