Housekeeping **ACTION needed**

Hi Everyone,

It's been fun to see so many swimmers in the pool this week.  Please remember, these first two weeks are for stroke technique development, so have your swimmers come as often as your schedule allows, but please don't worry about missing, if you have conflicts.

Here are a few housekeeping reminders:

1.  Please make sure you have registered your swimmer for Swimmingly.  Here is the link

2.  Please look over the swim meet schedule and let us know which meets you plan to attend.  If you already know that you will be out of town, please decline attendance so we can plan accordingly (especially for the Championship Meet, as the league creates volunteer positions based on our attendance).   Your declaration can be altered as we get closer to the date of each meet.  We will ask for "final declarations" when entries are due. 

3.  Swimsuits should be on order.  If you still need to order one, please use this link.  *You will probably need to pay expedited shipping.

4.  Swimmers should come to the pool with all of their items labeled and in one bag.  Goggles, cap, Towel and waterbottle are recommended.  Coaches have been passing out swim caps during practice.  

5.  Please do not prop the gate open.  This is a liability/safety issue and was brought to our attention by Amy Law.  Your keyfabs will not work during swim team time, so we are relying on your help to open the gate to other swim team members.  If this becomes an issue, we will need to station someone at the gate, so please help us with this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.  

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