Westhaven vs Longview

Happy Father's Day to all of our Blue Heron Dads! 

We hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow.

8am-12pm:  Normal practice - Focus will be on starts, turns and finishes...  there is no penalty in missing practice, so if your child needs some time out of the heat, they are welcome to stay home.

2:45pm:  Swimmers arrive and check in with their Heron's Nest.

3:00- 3:30pm:  Blue Herons have the first warm up time

3:30-4:00pm:  Longview warm up time.

3:45pm:  Timer and Official Stroke and Turn Huddle at the Starter's table

4:00pm:  Meet starts

Meet Reminders:

Tomorrow's meet will be another scorcher.  Please come prepared.

1.  Bring lots of water, electrolytes, etc and stay hydrated.  Suncreen, Hats, Cooling towels, fans are also good options for staying cool.

2.  Swimmers need to stay in their Heron's Nest.  The Heron's Nest volunteers can not go looking for swimmers when it is there turn to line up.  Swimmers should let their Heron's Nest volunteer know if they are using the restroom or need to leave the area for any reason.

3.  Please clean up your area.  There will be trash bags hung from every Heron's Nest tent and there are several trash cans throughout the facility.  Please remind your swimmer to use them.  Also double check that you have all of your belongings before leaving for the night.  Please label all of your belongings before arriving at the pool.

4.  Volunteer Check In.  Please make sure you check in at the Volunteer Check in table at the entrance to make sure you earn your points.  

5.  Volunteer Refresher.  We would like to offer a 5 min refresher break to our volunteers during our timer exchange.  Wear your swim suit and dip in the water after the Free Relays to cool off.  Thank you for volunteering!  We couldn't run a meet without you :)

6.  Please look for the heat sheet to go out later this evening.

Swim Fast and Have Fun!

Go Blue Herons.

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